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With a 16-year background in Architecture and Construction, Mr. Kay and his teams are accustomed to delivering beautiful and functional projects to caring clients.


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“I want to thank you for providing such a great working relationship with us in all phases of the home buying experience.”

- Dave & Ginger T.

Danny with his lovely wife Amanda.

Danny with his lovely wife Amanda.


Danny Kay’s relationship-centric career has been focused in Residential Development and Commercial Design and Construction. Clients include luxury homeowners, Kroger, Starbucks, and SkyZone, among many others.

Through his career of architecture and construction Mr. Kay and his teams have completed hundreds of projects ranging from $100k – $20MM, and has also played key roles in the development and sale of residential projects ranging from 2 to 79 lots.

Mr. Kay is dedicated to project success, meeting the end users’ needs, and attention to detail every step of the way.